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Before we get too far we should probably cover one thing.
What is SUP Yoga?

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard. SUP Yoga is practicing yoga on a paddleboard. Paddleboard yoga is usually practiced in calm waters, the paddleboard is usually anchored down by weight or tied to something so it does not float away. 

SUP Yoga has become extremely popular over the last 5 years and the community is continuing to expand. There are so many benefits to both paddleboarding and paddleboard yoga. Improved balance, strength, awareness and spending time in nature. 

What I personally love about paddleboard yoga is the variety. If I want an intense workout that is going to kick my butt, BOOM, no problem. However, if I want to take it easy, maybe spend more time stretching and connecting to my breath, I can do that too. And of course everything in between. Let's not forget the fun part, I absolutely love just playing around on my board and even falling in!

What to Expect

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for time to get waivers in. Learn the basics of paddle boarding including what to do if you fall in! Then we spend a few minutes paddling our way to the perfect spot and anchor our boards. We will then flow through a creative sequence. Class ends with the most amazing savasana you have experienced. Here you can take in all the smells, sounds and feeling of the water gently rocking the board.

What is Included

  • paddleboard

  • paddle

  • leash

  • life vest

  • anchor

  • Instructor!

What to Bring

  • swimwear or athletic clothes (try to avoid heavy cotton)

  • hat and sunglasses if needed (make sure they float!)

  • change of clothes

  • water bottle

  • towel

  • bug spray 

Valuables should be left in the car or onshore. The instructor will have one dry bag for items that need to come on the water. Feel free to bring your own dry bag if you would like personal items to stay with you.


SUP Yoga

90 Minute Class - $45

5 Class Pass - $200

90 Minute Private - $90

90 Minute Semi-Private - $120

90 Minute Group 3 or more - $55 per person

Save $5 if you have your own equipment.

There may be a charge for travel depending on location.


Do I need to have paddling experience?

No, you don't!  We do a quick on-land instruction before we begin. We start on our knees and have the option to stay here if that is what feels comfortable. A private class is a great option if you are nervous about paddleboarding for the first time.

What if I have never practiced yoga?

Not to worry, I know it can look intimidating. However, I offer numerous modifications so my classes are friendly for everyone no matter their experience. Again, if you are feeling nervous a private class is perfect for you.

What if I am not a strong swimmer?

If you are not a strong swimmer it is suggested that you wear a PFD at all times.

Will I get wet or fall in?

It is possible! Usually, we at least get our feet wet and up to our knees. Our boards are very stable, however, there is always a chance to fall in. It is rare that anyone falls in, even when I try my best to get them to. Sometimes at the end when we are playing around people fall in or even jump in!

What do I wear?

Dress for the weather and what you will be comfortable in. I suggest workout wear, which can be shorts and a tank top to leggings and a long sleeve shirt. I advise against wearing heavy cotton in case you do fall in. Bathing suits are great as long as you are able to move freely in them, keep in mind we may get into some weird poses. Bring a towel, which you can bring on the paddleboard if you would like.

Are there bugs?

This is one that I must bring up. Coming from out west I assumed all provinces had similar bug situations, I was very wrong. What the heck is bug season?!

Yes, there are bugs. Wear bug spray and keep this in mind when dressing. They only seem to be a bother in the evening, usually we are just getting off the water when they are coming out. 

What if it is raining? Thunderstorm?

We can paddle in the rain! If it is light rain we will most likely continue. However, if there is a thunderstorm we must cancel our class.

Where do you travel to?

I travel almost anywhere within an hour and a half of Minden. This includes Kawartha Lakes and Muskoka.

I do charge a travel fee based on distance. 

Paddleboard-SUP Yoga-Yoga

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy for Classes

If you give at least 48 hours' notice for cancellation, you are entitled to a full refund. No refunds will be given for less than 48 hours' notice. This applies when using a 5-class pass as well. Due to the limited amount of boards available we have to stick to our cancellation policy. Please keep in mind that I bring enough equipment for each participant, when someone does not show last minute it means that I have to leave the equipment unattended. Please email or text me if you must miss a class or are going to be late. If we must cancel due to weather, you will receive a full refund or a class credit. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy for Privates

When booking a private session, we require a 50% deposit in order to hold your date. If you give at least 3 days' notice, you are entitled to a full refund. If you give less than 3 days notice, no refund will be given.


All classes are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions.  Rain, strong winds and lightning are a few examples of why we may need to cancel. Any cancellations will be entitled to a refund. We will try to reschedule whenever possible.


Please try to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure we can get on the water at our scheduled time. There will be no refunds given for late or missed classes. Please fill out our waiver before class if you are able. See the link below to access our waiver. Please email a copy to or bring it with you.

Terms & Conditions
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